With Big Data Comes Great Responsibility

28 Mar, 2019
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The last few years have been characterized by the increase in the abundance of data and more importantly, the need to protect them. Organizations worldwide have handled a record average amount of 9.7 petabytes of data in 2018. This represents a scintillating 569% increase compared to 2016, where the amount of data managed was 1.45 petabytes (Dell EMC’s third “Global Data Protection Index). These numbers have been on the rise for several years and are not expected to slow down anytime soon. It has become crucial for companies to collect, store and manage their customer’s information as it is considered as their most valuable and precious asset.

Companies understand and recognize the value of their data more than ever. Although some chose to monetize it, nearly all of them are still facing huge challenges in securing it. As much as the technologies to treat and manage data are getting more sophisticated, new techniques are emerging in an attempt to steal and exploit it. Very few professionals across different industries are confident about the existing tools used to protect information. They even believe that these tools may be putting information at risk, causing financial harm to the company, which on average loses between $500k-$1M as well as to the customers whose information may be held by cybercriminals. Organizations are struggling to find data protection tools that fit their specific needs and are sometimes restrained to use two different tools, making them even more vulnerable and exposed to potential cyberattacks.

According to Dell’s index, more than three-quarters of the IT decision makers that responded to their poll say their organization has been affected by “some sort of disruption” during the last 12 months. More than 25% couldn’t recover their data, even when using the tool supposed to ensure its protection. These numbers have spiked during the last few years and are showing great danger as more than half (53%) of the small and midsize businesses have suffered from a data breach in 2018 (Cisco’s “Small and Mighty” Cybersecurity Special Report). These types of companies are widely impacted as they have less qualified staff and a tighter budget to deal with security and therefore represent an easy target for cybercriminals.

Companies are struggling with 3 topics mainly:

1) The configuration and operation of data protection services

2) The lack of data protection services for new technologies

3) The process of becoming compliant with regional privacy regulations such as the EU’s GDPR

Today, more than ever, enterprises need to have a well-thought-out data management strategy that is compliant with the relevant regional security regulations. Unfortunately, it is not the case as only 35% of them say they’re very confident their data protection strategies are compliant with the law (Dell EMC’s third “Global Data Protection Index). EU’s GDPR is extremely demanding and contains tens of articles that intend to strengthen and unify data protection for individuals within the European Union. Organizations that are within the scope of this new regulation must adapt quickly and make sure they are compliant with all the articles they are concerned about.

Data=power. And as the famous Spiderman quote says, “with great power comes great responsibility”. But after all, do organizations really need a “superhero solution” to face compliance and security issues? Turns out the answer is no. They simply need the right solution; one that fits their needs and can protect large amounts of data on a variety of applications. We have managed to see it action in large scale deployments to large Teradata clients with thousands of sensitive columns. With the right approach, we successfully implemented it in just a matter of weeks; addressing their anonymization and access control requirements in a fraction of the cost and time required by other archaic approaches, to ensure both security and compliance. No superpowers – just the right solution.

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