Why I joined SecuPi

15 Nov, 2015
1 min.read

Alon Rosenthal

I invented Dynamic Masking and sold my first company to Informatica before I was 40. I made out well and was reaping the rewards of my hard work. I was enjoying life.

So why return to the trenches of this never-ending battle of protecting the enterprise from malicious insiders and hackers?

Because I realized that I was wrong!

With the billions of dollars in perimeter security industry has poured into the hands of DAM, WAF, Firewall and DLP vendors with a maze of network sniffers and database/end-point agents, you would think you would be able to know if a hacker is accessing your hundreds of sensitive enterprise applications using stolen user credentials. But you can’t because THERE IS NO VISIBILITY! This is also the reason that you fail to detect malicious insiders.

The proof: Do you know when one of your thousands of end-users (or hackers that stole their credentials) is looking at 10,000 VIP client data through hundreds of sensitive enterprise applications? NO.

So I set out to solve the problem. I joined a team of seasoned security and enterprise IT veterans, delivering the first security solution that was purposely built to monitor and protect fine-grained field-level sensitive data exposure across your enterprise applications. We call it SecuPi.

With SecuPi’s Application Layer Protection platform, we deliver real-time visibility of all sensitive data flows across enterprise applications. We apply state-of-the-art User Behavior Analytics and machine learning, detecting outliers to the security analysts and IR with instant response actions such as blocking and dynamically masking sensitive data flows, without changing or impacting networks, applications or databases.

Let SecuPi Application Layer Protection put you in control of your enterprise applications, and stop hackers and malicious insiders before damage occurs.

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