Why I Joined SecuPi – Bridging the Gap Between Analytics and Privacy Compliance

8 Sep, 2019
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By: Tsahi Schlinger, CFO, SecuPi 

As I evolved in my career over the years, I realized my passion lies in 3 places: first and foremost, working with good people and teams where I can truly connect with the values they represent. Second, I love working with all kinds of data – whether it is financial, business-related, technical – in short – everything that has numbers related to business goals. Third, I enjoy solving hard business challenges.

This is what has brought me to SecuPi.

I would like to reflect on the way my previous experience in the world of Analytics and Advanced Statistical Analysis and Data Science relates to what we are doing in SecuPi:

In all my previous roles, my teams were analyzing and modelling large amounts of sensitive data to advise and support strategic business decision and initiatives.

My team consisted of IT data managers analytics departments, data scientists, and SQL-savvy Business Analysts. We were building forecast models, consumer segmentations, LTV analysis, Journey mapping, Advanced Forecasting and more using AI business practices which included Decision Tree Analysis, use of Machine Learning algorithms, Advanced Statistical modelling & forecasting and more. To all of the above a key pre-requisite is the availability of data to work with.

The key challenge that I’ve encountered always centered around getting access to sensitive and personal data while maintaining its confidentiality for all users and admins, before ingestion during analytics and after consumption.

The fast-paced evolution of data-cross border requirements and Privacy regulation, including GDPR and CCPA, has put pressure on IT/CTOs/DPOs and business managers to hold strict usage of data analytics to the bare minimum.

Moreover, privacy management has become a key factor in the success of a business, contributing to business health and market confidence in the organization’s capabilities.

SecuPi, with its arsenal of practical methods and approach at defending data in an elegant way, helps protect privacy in line with regulatory requirements while simultaneously allowing the “data people” to use business data safely. This allows bridging the gap between the requirements of the IT Privacy and Compliance imperatives and the thirst for more available data for the Business Analysts to use and grow the business.

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