SecuPi integration with Azure Information Protection (AIP) to provide labeling and RMS protection on files generated from applications & reporting tools

21 Aug, 2017

Enterprise applications and their data sources contain the majority of the most sensitive information held by an organization. Controlling access to that data is essential but the risks posed by the reports and exports made by authorized users can often be overlooked.

SecuPi brings good news to AIP and RMS users that will help them secure their information and meet a variety compliance needs such as EU GDPR and PCI-DSS.

Automatic AIP labeling for file export

SecuPi now integrates with Azure Information Protection (AIP) to provide labeling and RMS protection on files generated from .NET and Java. As files are being generated and exported, SecuPi automatically “pulls” multiple AIP labels (combined with SecuPi classifications) in order to label the exported files based on their content sensitivity including XLS, PDF and even CSV files Together with RMS, it ensures that only authorized users can open the protected content. For CSV files that cannot be labeled due to their format, SecuPi automatically converts them to XLS files and labels them with RMS.

Granular Audit and Controls

SecuPi also adds a granular user context to file exports where the user is being monitored in real time during every file export and the audit information contains the label and classifications that were used (see img). In addition, SecuPi can dynamically protect sensitive or personal information by methods of dynamic masking, redacting any data item or blocking the export.

The Joint Advantage

Microsoft AIP and SecuPi solution complement each other when extracting sensitive infrormation from any .NET or Java based application:

Automatic and effortless labeling – SecuPi integrates with AIP (combined with RMS) to automatically label documents as they are generated and extracted

Data Protection   – RMS encryption is applied on file exports to secure sensitive data and ensure that only authorized users can see the protected content.

Enhanced Monitoring – provides the security and compliance team with both the visibility of which sensitive data was exported, how, when and by whom.

Dynamic controls  – apply dynamic masking or data redaction to secure sensitive data at source for compliance and application security purposes


SecuPi has the tool to both amplify and simplify export labeling. For more information contact us.

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